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networking for health March 25, 2007

Posted by andrea in Uncategorized.

I posted this on my Facebook crack-thingy (oh, I hope my OCD kicks in, and I go off to embrace another technology soon), but I figure the more this info is out on the interweb, the probability increases that my friend, and many others, will find the matches they need…

My friend Seth needs to start the process to find a bone marrow donor. He’s in the US, and the link is here, if you’re there – http://www.marrow.org.

Us here in Canada have a little different process (and it doesn’t cost us to get typed!) help Seth out

From what I understand, since his background is Ashkenazi, it’s maybe more likely that someone of his ethnicity would be a match, but of course, there’s no guarantee. I’ve already signed up for the donor registry (not that a love of talking, words, dogs, use cases, and the whole Internet makes two peoples’ marrow the same, but I live in hope).

If you would, please forward this on – to friends, co-workers, anyone. It’s definitely a commitment, and it may not go to Seth, but someone else may benefit. I know, how stupid of me, after seeing on CityTV, all the pleas for people to be tested, and I didn’t.

hello, wake-up call. For myself. Jeez.

As Seth signs off, “strength and love”.



1. andrea - April 12, 2007

yes, it’s my own comment…another friend and colleague maybe needs this help, too. I implore everyone who is up to it, to be tested. Please. I can’t stand by anymore, and do nothing.

please everyone, take care,

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