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info-ADDict April 11, 2007

Posted by andrea in ephemera, thinky thinky.

I just read an article that really made sense to me…that information gives us a lot of things, but also takes our concentration away. That our brains aren’t that plastic to deal with all the stuff coming in. Again, I reference Bobby who said to me “could you work in a space with other people? Since you have to think so much?” If I would, NOT could – I “could” shut off everything, and work, but I haven’t yet – then yes. And I did today.

1993: Small story (and this is before *my* Internet, and Flickr, and Facebook, and Gmail): I was on a cargo ship to Africa, with my then-best friend. Every night, while trying to sleep, I couldn’t. Too much information in my head, but none of it linked – just random bits, all over the place – visual, word images, thoughts, reading I hadn’t done. I remember saying to her (and writing in my so-called “journal”) that I was overloaded, and tired – there was too much to know, to learn. And my brain held photo colour-correction formulas, and shot-analyses of what I was seeing in real life. Jesus.

Ahhh, Africa time. Where your goal for the day can be: buy a train ticket, OR get money out of the bank. Not both. Freedom. Simple goals: shelter, water, then food. Then maybe hanging out with people, or going out, or reading. Possibly, even, a shower! I remember hitting Nairobi after months and shaving my legs…absolute heaven.

1995: I had worked all night, producing a major print campaign for some mutual fund company. I came home, sat down on the couch, and the president called me back to fix something. Went into my room, undid my ponytail, brushed my hair, and re-did it. It looked terrible (as did I). So I said (honestly) out loud, “apple-Z” the command for undo. No go.

1997: I could tell anyone, even being woken out of a deep sleep on threat of losing my job (true, sadly), the entire SKU list of the tires for sale in the NFLD version of the Canadian Tire flyer, and their prices. Of course, I drank a lot to combat that affliction. 🙂

1998-2006: I won’t even go there. I hold a stupid amount of esoteric information in my head that has no business being there. I could be so much more interesting if I didn’t know the exact process an insurance policy document goes through, or the various permutations of how an airline ticket is priced.

Now: Facebook, blogs, multiple email addresses to keep checking, the latest whatever…and that’s only online stuff. The real world? Groceries, bills to pay, dogs to take care of, relationships to care for…

It’s no wonder that I have a hard time concentrating – it’s not the renovations, it’s me. How ironic I’m blogging about it. My concentration needs caring for, too, it seems.

Today I visited a friend, and I was supposed to call her before I showed up, but I forgot my ‘berry (leash, chain, etc.). So I just showed up. Saw another friend who was on her way out, and then I went in. My friend totally apologized for not being ready, but I was supposed to call, so honestly, it was my fault. I explained about my lack of connectivity, and her colleague smiled and said “ahhh, freedom”. And I liked just sitting waiting. I thought I should probably pull out my laptop and ask for a wireless connection, but then I thought “wtf?” and continued to just sit. And have this lovely soft random moment…of nothing. It was fantastic.

I definitely should do more of that. And visit with friends in real life more often, as opposed to typing to them. Maybe try an entire conversation – like my friend and I had tonight. It’s a start. I am hopeful.



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