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sadness December 23, 2007

Posted by andrea in ephemera.

A friend of mine died this morning, after a long, superhumanly courageous battle with leukemia.

Why I’m posting this on my “professional” blog? Um, because Seth Palmer was the absolute kick-in-the-ass that I needed. He challenged me; he was brilliant, and wickedly, wickedly sharp and witty.

I learned so much from him, and truly he’s a huge part of where I am today. Professional, intelligent, knew his shit…and the best project manager I have ever seen. He interviewed me at Organic back in 2004, for a BA position. I had brought some docs as work samples – they were sanitized, of course (that, and the fact that I wouldn’t allow him to keep the docs was the thing he said made him hire me). Seth asked me what was the difference between an assumption and a precondition in a use case. Answer: assumption is a business decision, while a precondition assures that the system has allowed the use case to be triggered (yeah, I know, I said it way better in the interview, but I’m not at my most eloquent). Then he smiled, and we just ended up yapping for an hour about god knows what. Shoes, possibly. Clearly, he knew enough to know what to ask, and I was able to meet his requirements.

And then, the idyllic time I call US Airways. Such a wonderful team on a project has never been seen since. Charlie, Dave, Seth and I – wow, we rocked the house. It was an absolute pleasure to go into work, get on the phone (me: Toronto, them: NY), and yap for the whole day about airline ticketing. And have fun doing it. I’ll always have a fond memory of UC056: Upgrade a ticket. And his now-famous quote: “and here’s where the drama slide in the presentation goes”.

It’s not fair that he’s gone…in fact, it fucking sucks. With his conviction, determination, and will…why couldn’t he be spared? We have too few of those bright stars already.

I miss you, Seth. That we’ll never yap on the phone again, or have a drink, or discuss RUP, and the problems with scrum, or talk about our dogs obsessively…there’s a big hole now. I go by the Soho Met, and I want to cry. Sometimes, I do.

be full of peace. love.

Update: I just talked to Dave on the phone, and he put it best: what are we going to do without you, buddy? Seth was always the guy in charge, giving directions, leading us where we needed to go. We’re all kind of lost now.




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