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ohhh, taxonomy, how I love thee… May 14, 2008

Posted by andrea in thinky thinky.

shall I compare thee to a….okay, enough. But you get the point. I spent a hour with a company doing crazy, CRAZY, text mining in really cool ways. I’m going to their conference, so hopefully more pointy-headed insights will come.

I sometimes think that I would be very happy sitting in some dusty warren of an attic, cataloging and cross-referencing until my fingers bled and my brain simply exploded from the content relationships it wanted to make.

There’s taxonomy, and its revolutionary backlash, the folksonomy. And the pendulum swings back, where a balance between the two seems like it will work. I think though that the Holy Grail of content is something akin to a synaptic firing of electrical impulses to make connections. It will never be completely machine-driven, but moving the humans from task-drudgery (entering imposed naming conventions, say) to the leap-of-mind connections that a machine couldn’t do.

I’m geeked out. I’d love to write and write and write about this, but the aforementioned synaptic firing/cohesion hasn’t happened yet in my own brain…



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